Me looking at 0 notifications I’m receiving cause I’ve isolated myself and ruined all my realtionships with my friends, family and partners
Imagine if they had parent teacher conferences at college. Mom: how’s my son doing? Professor: I have never seen this man in my life
When mum says she hasn;t sat down all day but we all know she has
The GPU you like, her father, her brother, her ex, her 1st love, you
So how’s parenting going? Kide puked vomited threw up on mother’s head fail
Dinner with grandpa tonight he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids I’m the only one who showed. Paw Paws grankids finally showed up, he’s happy now
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Dad sing me a song from your generation. OK, *clears throat* ONE PUNCH
Dad you’re up early me dad you never went to sleep did you