How’s the diet going? fat cat
Running couple this could be us but I hate running and you don’t exist
Me: should I buy it? brain: no, wallet: no, parents: no, cat: no, universe: no, me: sold
When you’re trying your best but nothing is going right dog
If bees go extinct: earth is dead, if humans go extinct: earth flourishes
Honey who is “alarm” and why does she call you everyday at 5:45?
Leo I’m preagnant DaVinci Oh really? What are you drawing? Nothing babe helicopter to escape
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I was your pilot man outside jet plane window trolling paratrooper
This Boeing 747 is carrying a space shuttle but your bag is two pounds overweight
Texting BAE: what’s wrong? Nothing, goodnight. OK goodnight. See that’s your problem. Brad Pitt throwing phone