Donald Trump is a misogynistic billionaire who boasted about his molesting and dominating behaviour towards women, what an asshole. Reading Fifty Shades of Grey
How to make a joke that doesn’t offend anyone volume 1 huge book
Dead man but you’re still coming to work right
Three our of four marriages fail. If you were going skydiving would you still jump?
Graphics cards GPU girl you like, her father, brother, first, love, ex, you
Ballistics in most games, ballistics in Counter-Strike comparison
Girl found bullets at the gas station bolts fail
Dear people of Germany: stop provoking poor muslim refugees, cover your face & body, walk with male relatives
Swedish story defecating on a ship hold hand of cleaner lady while flushing toilet
When I drink alcohol everyone says I’m an alcoholic, when I drink Fanta no one says I’m fantastic