Go to Disneyland they said, it’ll be fun they said woman panicked fail
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When you get up after spending forty six minutes on the toilet looking at memes old grandpa
When you need experience to get a job, but you need a job for experience. Scissors requiring scissors to unpack
How’s the diet going? Not good, I had eggs for breakfast. Scrambled? Cadbury’s
Planning a holiday in Europe this summer be like playing minesweeper game
Pregnancy test would you like to install Windows 10?
Behead those who insult Islam, religion of peace reading 20/20 vision
I love Google Street View this is a modern renaissance painting street fight
Education works best when all the parts are working teachers students parents graph poster cogs fail
A programmer was walking out of door for work, his wife said: while you’re out buy some milk and he never came home. Infinite loop fail