What’s that in your bag? An AK-47. No, next to that. A bag of Cheetos. You can’t bring that into a theater cinema fail
When you leave her house after 2 hours of just kissing banana in honey
Think different class full of Apple MacBook students
When you’re looking for the remote and touch something weird between the cushions cat big eyes
The nigga got arrested in his dream handcuffed
When you fint out your wife has the right to vote on facebook polls. Sad arab muslim
My girl scored a freekick against me on FIFA I ended the game and the relationship no way she learnt that on her own
When you open the facebook app and see photos from camera roll thinking you just posted your nudes heart attack
First woman on the moon: Houson we have a problem. What? Never mind, nothing I’m fine
Off-road trailer toy broken Alfa-Romeo on a car-carrier fail