Dog receives bad news over phone gets sad
You nerd friends are powerless to save you, they’ll never get past my sentry hot girl nerds fail
Animal guards comic owl breaking neck fail
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Pick up the nearest book to you turn to page 45 the first sentence explains your love life everyone thinks you’re dead
History’s first vegetarian skeleton fail
First day on the job as a drug dealer: *giggles* we don’t have Coke is Pepsi ok? *gets stabbed*
10PM just a couple more games, now it’s 4AM
When you enter wrong password, then reset password and there is new password can’t be old password
Forgot to charge arm last night charging at cellphone charge area at airport bionic girl Angel Giuffria
I don’t get it, after all the budget cuts to streamline the workforce. Why aren’t we moving faster? Boat single rowing man management