Cat got his head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, was left with a collar
Ingredients: 14 cup sugar, I only added 13 cup of sugar as my husband doesnt like things too sweet fail
Code for six minutes, debug for six hours programming
Luke Skywalker likes this on facebook chopped hand
This is me, I trust people easily, I forgive people easily, I forget all the bad they did easily. I am an idiot, please don’t be like me
Football spray referee sprayed on players face
Gamers will understand: low level feels like being naked
New game: choose your name takes ages
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Legend about thirsty crow jar with water rocks
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To all hunters who kill animals: you ought to go to store and buy meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed. Quote – remember this person probably drives votes and may have reproduced