Dannish flag, Swedish flag, finnish flag. You are technically correct, the best kind of correct
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Hey dad, can you pass the salt? I don’t know, can you pass the semester?
This chemistry teacher has an asian grading scale for his class: A – average, B – below average, C – can’t eat dinner, D – don’t come home, F – find a new family
Me: I’m good in C language. Interviewer: write hello world using C. Me: ascii
There’s still a way to pass my subject. How? Pray
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Good friend who helps other on exam while talking to teacher
Hermione: oh, I know this, Ron: I must remember something, Harry: what? Exam Harry Potter
Fuck this shit, just kidding I need to pass
That laugh in exam when you know you’ve screwed up
That moment when you open your exam paper Jon Snow