Imagine walking 2km to hatch an egg and it’s Magikarp. Imagine waiting nine months to give birth and it’s you Pokemon GO
When she thinks it’s only her wedding day, but you have to reinforce that it’s yours too. Long tuxedo
New image shows Assad helicopter carrying barrel bombs and following the Titanic on the day it was sunk
Elon Musk not sure where I left my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding space rocket
WTC nine eleven hearthstone card multishot deal 3 damage to two random enemy minions
Airplane pilot oh boy there’s a Pikachu in the WTC North Tower nine eleven Pokemon GO
Phone screen 9/11 nine eleven George Bush appears
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George Bush OK nine eleven 9/11 fingers
Roses are red, Harambe is in heaven, everyone knows Bush did nine eleven 9/11
Euro match football substitution board nine eleven WTC