Brexit the domino effect only United Kingdom left shit
World War 3 objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Map of terror attacks in Europe Poland has a strict no migrants policy, draw your own conclusions
You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby JFK John Kennedy
How much proof do you need to admit 9/11 was an inside job? Magically appearing passports, magically colapsing buildings, magically disappearing planes, magical diagonally cut support beams
Run like United Airlines wants your seat. Marathon motivational creative sign
4chan can find Shia LaBouf using seagull locations and wood patterns but the cops can’t find someone who streams murder and has their phone
Police finding a gram vs finding a killer who’s been asking to be caught all day Cleveland Scooby Doo
1167 years since last muslim terrorist attack in Poland meme clapping hands
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When you were the only one bullying the weird kid and he shoots up the school while you were home sick Shrek