This is the kinda party I wanna be invited to
Last veteran of his World War II battle group marching alone in Victory Day parade
Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom went to a WWE show
I’m the stealthiest plane ever made, oh please Malaysia Air flight 370
Charlie Hebdo fiscal terrorism. Je suis Panama
Girl went to prom in an ambulance, acted like she came to life after her date kissed her. I’m done with this generation
Russian soldier wiped out a band of ISIS fighters after calling in an airstrike on himself when surrounded by jihadists in Syria
FBI unlocking iPhone kid play with this phone but do not unlock it, an hour later: bingo!
Tragedy World Map: how terrible is for the world when a tragedy happens in: terrible tragedy, that’s sad, well life is like this, wait does this country exist? who cares? infographic
Made friends with this guy before the movie started just in case orange hair cinema shootings