0 days since last muslim terrorist attack congrats European Union meme clapping bravo
Everyone’s playing Pokemon again, Blink 182 has a no. 1 song, Clinton’s running for president, Tarzan in theaters welcome to 2001 2016
Never gonna give EU up, never gonna let EU down Brexit protests in UK signs
Pulling out doesn’t stop people from coming. Brexit creative sign
Cristiano Ronaldo hits teammate knee fail gif animation
Cristiano Ronaldo moth Pokemon GO
France bus Champions D’Europe of Europe Euro 2016 fail
Cristiano Ronaldo Messi moth Euro finals match
The silence of CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo moth movie poster silence of the lambs Euro finals
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How humiliating for England to lose to a bunch of Icelanders. Haha yes! Wait, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?