Apparently I’m late for an important meeting with my cat
RIP Bretagne the last surviving 9/11 rescue dog who has died aged 16
When a government executes it’s citizens for reaching for an ID, but ignores a criminal reaching for nuclear codes you should probably stop celebrating it USA
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Pray for… I’m starting to think it doesn’t work Nigeria, London, Bagdad, Dallas, Ankara, Orlando, Brussels, Nice
0 hours since last muslim terrorist attack congrats European Union meme clapping bravo
I’m not saying it was Islam but it was Islam terrorism aliens meme
Terrorism has no nationality or religion. Number of terrorist attacks per ideology jihadism graph wtf meme
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Germany axe rampage on a train: Here come all the racists. Islam isn’t a race. What do you call someone who discriminates against people based on their religion? A muslim. BBC Twitter
Coupon saving Erdogan coup triggered
Breaking news man named Koksal Baba is leading the Turkish coup