Poem about me: I hate people, I wish I was drunk. The end
You’re fired Jack, the lab results just came back, you got tested positive for Coke. Pepsi headquaters
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Pre drinks aren’t even pre drinks, they’re just the stage of drinks where you get absolutely smashed in order to save money when out
The circle of life: dad feeding with beer his son, which is feeding his son with milk
You honk, we drink. Australians on the side of a road
Randy: I am the liquor
We’ve got Pepsi instead of Coke, is that OK? I don’t know, is Monopoly money OK?
Goodbye friendzone forcing a woman to drink vodka
I wasn’t that drunk. Dude, you asked your own girlfriend if she was single
Drinking alcohol for health reasons: when do you drink water? I’ve never been that sick grandma
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