Remember when we were the gaming systems to have? Yep, I have no memory Atari, Sega, Nintendo
Shopping photo third hand photoshop fail black man holding couple
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In class taking notes when suddenly tip of the pencil breaks into two twiting turns 3D
You’re fired Jack, the lab results just came back, you got tested positive for Coke. Pepsi headquaters
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There are two kinds of people: those who use bookmarks and monsters
How to summon demon lemon. Man I hate cursive wizard fail
Behead those who insult Islam, religion of peace reading 20/20 vision
When you realize you spent all your money on armor so you have to defend the fort with a potato
Here’s how you will look like on April 1st April Fools meme
Democracy how it works: you may have fancy education and high IQ but the rest of us say we all jump into this lake of hot lava