Day 12 the sea kitties remain unaware I have infiltrated their ranks dog otters
What girls look for in a guy: 1. brown eyes, 2. messy hair, 3.cute nose, 4. four paws, 5. Golden Retriever
Cute puppy in a car cupholder pupholder
When you just want to be lazy but got that one friend that always just shows up wanting to do shit husky dog
Bad to the bone dog pug dressed as a sheep
Funny happy cute pitbull with destroyed ball
It’s 2013 and we don’t have flying cars yet or color TV doge
Alright no more slacking off, starting tomorrow I’m gonna be productive and get shit done lazy dog
Me at school: when I get home I’m catching up on all my work and finishing assignments. Me as soon as I get home: sleeping dog
Hello this is Steve Dogs Steve Jobs black turtleneck