When you thought coffee would help but you’re still annoyed by everyone. Angry dog
When you’re really sleepy but someone keeps talking to you tired cat
Players in other team: headshot, players in my team: friendly fire comparison fail
Windows 10 coming to your house like a police you are forced to upgrade
“Kids these days have it too easy” said the generation that could buy a house on a wage from unskilled work at age 21
Schrodingers iPhone – until you look it is both cracked and not cracked
If only there was something you could wear on your head to shield your eyes from the sun baseball hat fail
When you’ve hit snooze 80 times and you have 3 minutes to leave the house
Welcome to real life where nobody cares if you’re offended and your feelings don’t matter
1980: I bet there will be flying cars in the future. 2017 really: Britain’s first transgender muslim