When I said it couldnt get any worse I didn’t mean that as a challenge cat
You won’t be single for Valentine’s day if you hang yourself the day before protip lifehack
True or false exam all failed at least you tried cake Bart Simpson
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You get job so you can afford to have a life then spend all your time at work and end up with no time to live the life you’re working for
It was the last day of school everyone promised to stay in touch then life happened and friends became names in contact list
Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re useful burnt match
RIP Diesel the police dog who lost his life during raids in France today when a suicide bomber detonated her explosive vest. Diesel was seven years old
Everyone asks what does the fox say, no one asks how the fox feels
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2015 is almost over and I lost no weight, didn’t learn anything, haven’t saved any money, still ugly
Successful people they want others to succeed unsuccessful people they want others to fail