When you fint out your wife has the right to vote on facebook polls. Sad arab muslim
On aging: up to 22 years – woo! 23 years – wait… 24 years – oh God. 25 years – please make it stop
When you open the facebook app and see photos from camera roll thinking you just posted your nudes heart attack
The guy who wrote this is gone, it’s running everywhere, no comments, no documentation, but 20 tickets. O’Rly book
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When you’re having a good time and remember that life is limited every second passing is one closer to death
Mum told me: stop being so depressed all the time. WOW, I’m cured A++ parenting, no more tears, never have to be sad again
His head is brighter than my future bald man
Sex really isn’t that important in a relationship to be honest. Sad man
Never travel with this guy Tom Hanks
Nothingness, non-existence, black emptiness. What did you say? Oh I was just planning my future Woody Allen