The EA cycle Electronic Arts pre order DLC servers not available boycotting EA forever
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When you check the time at work at 2 PM then you check 3 hours later and it’s 2:13 PM skeleton fail
When all people can do is brag about how drunk and high they got. Drake clapping
When your alarm goes off and you’re deciding wether to go to work or fake your own death fox
You know you’re a book geek when you still get upset thinking about the library of Alexandria
Relationship status: waiting for a miracle skeleton waiting for love
When you first meet her and wonder why is she single vs 4 months into the relationship and now you understand why Obama
When you’re about to ask your mum for something and you can already hear her complaining as you walk in the room
When you’re trying your best but nothing is going right dog
If bees go extinct: earth is dead, if humans go extinct: earth flourishes