Took my dog to a bonfire and as he sat there staring at it blankly I realized he loves sticks, I was burning a giant pile of his toys
3 stages of growing: up young and dumb, motivated and hopeful, screw everyone and everything Spongebob
*Logs onto facebook* only pregnant woman there
When you just got comfortable and you hear someone calling your name asking you to do something tired dog meme
When you need experience to get a job, but you need a job for experience. Scissors requiring scissors to unpack
Behead those who insult Islam, religion of peace reading 20/20 vision
She kissed the tip then she said April Fools girlfriend fail
Birthday is on April 1st nobody believes me sad meme
I don’t always get asked on a date but when I do it’s on April 1st
I don’t always tell people I’m gay but when I do I do it on April Fools day