Many three year olds have trouble staying within the lines maybe if you practice coloring this turtle it will help with your parking
That moment when you realize that you are too dumb for your dream job crying meme
It says right on the RedBull can: do not mix with alcohol. What do we do? We make jager bombs, we are not a species made to last
Your girlfriend will take 2 hours to get ready but if you don’t have your shoes on when she’s ready you’re the problem
Do you ever get a message and you just stare at it for a while and take a deep breath and think “what the actual fuck am I supposed to reply to that”?
Me: I gotta focus on this. Brain: ladies and gentlemen, this is mambo number five. Me: please
When she stays online 4 hours after saying good night Cristiano Ronaldo
Gays for islam vs islam for gays comparison fail
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