France sports, french movies, french streets. Do you have anything white left France? Of course – white flag
For everyone who says I am sorry. This is how a sorry works – patch on a broken window
Plays alone: like a boss 48 kills 3 deaths, plays with friends: fail 5 kills 19 deaths
How close I am to screwing up the semester: atoms close
Does anyone else get road rage walking behind slow people?
When I was a kid I though adults knew what they were doing
When you’re in an exam and everybody is using a ruler and you don’t even know what the ruler is for
Pick your perfect woman, you have $5 dollars: smart, good body, fat, retarded, great love
SpaceX $12 billion valuation – launches rockets into space and lands them safely, Snapchat $20 billion valuation – rainbow filter
My only two moods noting in life matters sad happy