When your girlfriend chooses the movie bored dog
North Korea after olympics: some athletes praised, some punished
Tinder AD: your personality just became less important
My morning routine includes 10 minutes of sitting on my bed and thinking about how tired I am
Every group project The Hangover movie: one man does 99% of the work, one has no idea what’s going on, one says he’s going to help but he’s not, one diappears
Buy a $150 dollar dress that you wear once a year no one bats an eye, buy $150 dollar keyboard that you use everyday everybody loses their mind
When you tell your parents a funny story and it turns into a life lesson kid
Are you ok I’m fine stabbed by a sword
Bottles and cans, paper, hopes and dreams. Recycling trash bins
Don’t be upset that the first lady told you the white house was built by slaves, be upset your textbook didn’t