My only two moods noting in life matters sad happy
When you forget to turn on the WiFi and realise you’ve been using your data the whole time Jay-Z
If you think a minute goes by really fast you’ve never done a plank
Trying to make plans in the group chat is like multi level rubik’s cube
How it feels like being stuck in a regular job knowing your true potential Superman escorted
When trying to help don’t hurt yourself hanging man fail
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4chan can find Shia LaBouf using seagull locations and wood patterns but the cops can’t find someone who streams murder and has their phone
Police finding a gram vs finding a killer who’s been asking to be caught all day Cleveland Scooby Doo
Having friends and a normal life, memes, living in a state of depression for your entire life brain meme
When you’re in bed mentally prepping yourself for the week ahead terrified cat