It’s only illegal if you get caught. Black man brain meme protip lifehack graffiti
My sister finished her first day of diet today so I celebrated by filling the fridge with her favourite snacks
Turtle tortoise carrying elephants that carry world Terry Pratchett Discworld
8 of their organs can be donated. Luckily for us their brain is not one of them creative ad
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Fuck the colorblind graphic for trolling colorblind people
Sporty cork mounted on bottle of wine, and this is why I believe I should be the next president of the USA
I keep this pic of Terry Crest in my wallet so I can see it when I’m about to waste money on things I don’t need
Eau de Saque. Get the smell of Jogi’s saquesess. Joachim Loew fragnance
Sack Jogi Low Joachim Loew fragnance Euro 2016 sniffing smelling his balls
The man’s guide to love and lasting relationships list: find a woman who, most of all it is very important that these five women never meet