Me: your shoes are on the wrong feet. 4 year old: I don’t have any other feet. Me: fair enough
Her: I really love Coldplay and Taylor Swift. Him *trying to think of something to impress her*: I’m basic and have no music taste too
Me making a group chats: welcome fatties
I wasn’t that drunk. Dude, you asked your own girlfriend if she was single
Talking on messenger misspelled baby Abby who’s Abby? It’s Abby
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Trolling girlfriend: can I get a pic of you naked under the belt
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Texting BAE: what’s wrong? Nothing, goodnight. OK goodnight. See that’s your problem. Brad Pitt throwing phone
Her: what’s your favourite… Me: missionary. Her: color
Cyu Agen facebook name trolling
You are NSA agent, no you, couple in love trolling