Tour de France 1940 Germans on bicycles, Tour de France 2015 ISIS
I colored my face to support France Mark Zuckerberg, me too soldier camouflage
2006: I bet in 10 years we’ll cure cancer, inhabit the moon, have world peace. 2016: Don’t Pokemon and drive
Main series: oh God, please stop shaking. Pokemon GO: oh God, please start shaking
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Princess of Spain, first lady of France and Michelle Obama. It’s like 2 Ferrari’s and a dump truck
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Before Pokemon GO vs after Pokemon GO ripped guy
England boss Roy Hodgson earns 35m pounds a year, Iceland boss is a part-time dentist
Canada has had 8 mass shootings in 20 years, the US had 7 since Monday
Policemen pre-islamic invasion, post-islamic invasion comparison. Notice the difference?
Why won’t they obey me? Stupid blonde you don’t have enough badges Daenerys Ash Pokemon Game of Thrones