Plays alone: like a boss 48 kills 3 deaths, plays with friends: fail 5 kills 19 deaths
Germany Google searches: what’s the taste of cocaine, breast milk, human flesh, poop? What the hell?
Typical catholic, typical muslim, typical atheist – science vs religion
Food lines in Venezuela prove socialism is just like Disneyland
SpaceX $12 billion valuation – launches rockets into space and lands them safely, Snapchat $20 billion valuation – rainbow filter
Chicken in 30 degrees compared to chicken in 5 degrees hen comparison
My only two moods noting in life matters sad happy
Comparing skull of man, woman, white, black, poor, rich and people that think 30 FPS is acceptable today
Never skip leg day Audi on a thin spare wheel
Trying to make plans in the group chat is like multi level rubik’s cube