Simon’s cat new toy playground fail
I’ve finished building the time machine, now to pay someone a visit, clapping at Hitler speech
Web MD diagnosis: that’s cancer, I’m not saying it’s cancer but it’s cancer comic
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Photobombing painting
We want to try this new method of execution: 30 FPS gameplay
What’s the salary for now? $500, but later it can go up to $1000. OK, I’ll come later then
Darling how sad that you’re a mermaid and we can’t make love. Oh, but mermaids just wear suits that we can take off easily
What will you take? We will take Jerusalem crusaders
Tour of accounting: over here we have our random number generator, nine nine, are you sure that’s random? That’s the problem with randomness, you can never be sure. Gilbert comic
Just been stabbed, were is the nearest hospital? *where grammar fail correction comic