We are greatest country ever with slavic pride we march to victory hey Poland get back to work cleaning toilet in UK Polandball
Jurassic Park comic meme characters pepe frog sad
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Every time you drop a screw bolt it disappears poof comic
Fire exit door for the fire to exit the building comic
How do you get square balloons? Blow square breaths
Oh no a spider maybe I become Spiderman nope it’s just cancer
Success: haha, you’ll never reach me! Yes I will, not through hard work and dedication, but by lowering my standards. Comic
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Press any button to continue, on/off fail, it said any button
Dog: Still hungry, want more breakfast. You’ll get fat, what’s fat? It happens when you eat too much food. Fat sounds awesome, let’s get fat!
Rubbing cat belly is risky comic it was worth it scarred face