When an item doesn’t match our set but its stats are just too good Zayn Malik
I have a boyfriend, oh wait no. That’s a cat, I have a cat
That moment when you remarry but you can still keep the old photo on your desk. Muslim woman wearing burka
Just how popey was the Pope today? Graph out of popes clothes
If only there was something you could wear on your head to shield your eyes from the sun baseball hat fail
Do you want to be seen or not? Man in reflective jacket and camo pants
Lumberjack vs web developer comparison 1996 vs 2016
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Going to work when I first started my job vs now Shia Labeouf
I hate when people where face masks in public. Like okay, we get it you’re a surgeon
I love you daddy, holy shit how can you see me? Soldier wearing camouflage