Man you go through life you try to be nice to people you struggle to resist the urge to punch them in the face and for what Simpsons
When you realize you grew up to be Squidward
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Microsoft Edge Scooby-Doo alright Edge lets see who you really are Internet Explorer
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Always one Wolverine, 5 Batmans, 3 Supermans 3 Hulks, 3 Spider-mans
I’m not gonna kill you I’m just gonna make you really really fat Ronald McDonald
Two wild Niggachus appeared
Don’t climb, climbs anyway, loses the use of his legs. Don’t get into a vision alone, gets into it alone anyway, loses Summer and Hodor. Game of Thrones
Charmander use ember pidgeotto aim your gust at his tail
Meth not even once trash can bin looking like R2D2
Sit down child and tell the dark lord Cthulhu what you want for Christmas