Husky dog Superman costume
Princess Leia Darth Vader I don’t like the idea of you dating a smuggler, well let’s ask mom what she thinks, oh wait… That’s, it go to your room, my room was on Alderaan
The Gryffin Doors. Harry Potter Jim Morrison The Doors
Yo, you see that Morty, everything light touches isn’t yours cause you’re a piece of shit Morty Lion King
Who is Superman? Clark Kent next to a Superman poster looking exactly the same drawing
Looks like you’re about to post a cheesy inspirational quote to your LinkedIn profile would you like some help? paperclip
The fck off starter pack Trailer Park Boys
Low cost cosplay Donald Duck pack of chips crisps
Fast and Furious 9 Vin Diesel vs Crash Bandicoot
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That moment you realize he’s really Captain Puerto Rico Captain America