Disney princesses reimagined as cement mixers
What’s your Jedi name first letter of name month I was born huge fag
Deadpool shhh the Empire has no idea Stormtrooper suit
Kylo Ren riding bicycle fail crash collapse help me Darth Vader
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We’re laying low untill all this xenofobia dies down Alf, Mario, Ackbar different characters
Mom that’s not a picture of Jesus, Evan McGregor Star Wars
When you ask your girl what she wants to eat and she actually decides. Elmo nuclear explosion
The older I get,  the more I wonder what Kevin Mcallisters dad did to afford this house and a vacation to Paris for 9 people Kevin Home Alone
Me: it’s just a game, stay calm. Inner me: throw your controller at the wall Kermit
Look at those poor villagers, I don’t want to kill them. Don’t question the order traitor Finn Star Wars
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