On this day in history: my indoor cat went outside for the first time, finally understood his place in the universe
Dear single girl, please stop saying you should give up and get a cat. If no man wants you, please don’t force an innocent cat to live with you
When you’re already doing 5 things and a customer asks you for help busy cat
When you’re in bed mentally prepping yourself for the week ahead terrified cat
A jerk to the world but a gentleman to his girl. Cats wearing hoodies
When you lose your mom in the market sad cat
This is what those dating apps are like for girls. Cat with tons of hotdogs
Sometimes I just want to burn them all but then they feed me. Confused cat meme
Seymour did you steal another watermelon from the neighbors? Felix found it in the ocean cat rolling watermelon
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Well human what did we learn? Scars cat