How web browsers consume RAM memory chrome eats it all gif animation
If I give up and go sleep now I can wake up early tomorrow to revise Pinocchio nose
When someone tries to hurt your feelings but you’re dead inside and haven’t been able to feel for years Skeletor
When you’re about to pay at the grocery store but your mom tells you to run and grab something she forgot Spongebob
Police finding a gram vs finding a killer who’s been asking to be caught all day Cleveland Scooby Doo
Manga anime cartoons we made your childhood awesome right
What are you waiting for? I don’t know, something amazing I guess. Me too, kid
My morning routine includes 10 minutes of me sitting on my bed and thinking of how tired I am Bugs Bunny
Can someone add a train to make this super intense and scary? Thomas the Train photoshopped
Who are we? Philosophers. What do we want? Where are we? What does it mean? Who am I? meme