What are you waiting for? I don’t know, something amazing I guess. Me too, kid
My morning routine includes 10 minutes of me sitting on my bed and thinking of how tired I am Bugs Bunny
Can someone add a train to make this super intense and scary? Thomas the Train photoshopped
Who are we? Philosophers. What do we want? Where are we? What does it mean? Who am I? meme
Okay it’s 7 AM I should get up, just five seconds, five minutes, five hours, five days, five years
Everyone: are you okay? You look tired, upset, confused, mad. Me: it’s just my face. Spongebob
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Everything but the rabbit hole, the rabbit hole costs extra. Alice from Wonderland
My final thought before making an important decision about my life: screw it
I kill monsters The Witcher Adventure Time
That moment you realize it’s going to be difficult to explain why youre late for work. Huge Minion on blocking the road