When the teacher starts yelling at you for no reason Mr Sponge
When you delete a block of code that you thought was useless. Pink Panther gif animation
How many Saiyans does it take to screw in a lightbulb just one but it takes three episodes
When people get mad and speed past you and you end up at the same red light together Kermit the frog
Timber app swipe animation Tinder
Tom and Jerry had the realest beef of all time never said a word it was just on sight
Where do the birds go when it rains?
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When you realize you’re 40000 feet away from everyone and their bullshit. Kermit aeroplane
Ernie educates Bert about why the Japanese deserve a third nuclear bombing
Is it the weekend yet? Asked Pooh. It’s only Wednesday said Piglet. Fck said Pooh