Army vehicle disappears after being painted with camouflage
BMW drifting skid marks it’s a law sign
Blablacar AD black man trolling price
UFO: Trouble with your ship? Nope, German engineering Volkswagen
What do you do if you see a BMW using its turn signals? Call the cops it’s a stolen car. funny dog
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If Gordon Ramsay voiced a GPS great job you missed the bloody exit you disgrace
No time to explain get in the car bunny rabbit
The driver: drive, don’t kill us, shotgun: mad dj skillz, navigate so hard back seat: nap like a boss, snack distributor, remind front people bathrooms exist
Told him it was me or his BMW E60 M5. Couldn’t hear him over his V10
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Subaru I can tell your exhaust is illegal from here policeman