I drives, no I’ll drive USA manual gearbox okay you drive Germany Polandball
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Thank you for driving carefully car rolled over fail
Abcdefghijk Elemen OP Honda Element
When you see a BMW indicate and you’re thinking should I call the cops?
LeBron James could be spark plug could be alternator. I can prolly fix it for $200 dollars
The next guy who comes at me with his high beans on huge light army
Subaru Impreza hunting Mitsubishi Evo owners
This morning I used Redbull instead of water to make my coffee. After 15 minutes on a highway I realized I left my car at home
Tesla has added special air filters to make your air clean just in case you’re stuck in trafiic behind a Volkswagen Elon Musk
Are you tired? No I’m exhausted car tire exhaust literally
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