Behead those who insult Islam, religion of peace reading 20/20 vision
Today is April Fools day believe nothing and trust no one just like any other day
What if April Fools is really on April 2nd and we have been April fooled all this time? Conspiracy Keanu meme
When it’s April 2nd and she is still pregnant
Chewie I’m home April Fools Star Wars Finn trolling Chewbacca comic
Hello April Fools bucket with water that was extremely unoriginal maybe I am the fool Cyanide and Happiness
Did you miss me? I’ve been Haydn
Left the toilet seat up at 2 AM, it finally happened facebook post with silly hashtags
When your alarm goes off and you’re deciding wether to go to work or fake your own death fox
I am the night. Man wearing cat as a hat looking like Batman