At midnight: I’ll go to bed soon. At 5:30 AM: why am I on Wikipedia reading about advanced nuclear theory?
Welcome to real life where nobody cares if you’re offended and your feelings don’t matter
Looks like another case of someone over forty trying to understand Snapchat head blown away
Lumberjack vs web developer comparison 1996 vs 2016
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If the flying spaghetti monster didn’t create life why is DNA shaped like pasta? Checkmate evolution and creationism
And just like that. *Poof* Weekend. Gone.
It’s windy today, no it’s Thursday, so am I let’s have a beer. Old deaf men
When you both gained a few pounds but the love is strong
The female wolf appears to hide under the male when there is an animal attack she is actually covering the males throat from their assailant while pretending to be scared
Bed: king size, queen size, prince size coffin
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