Rey I will train you to become a powerful jedi Luke Skywalker running with Luke one her back like Yoda
When you finally get home and can be yourself again cat cookie monster outfit
Mom cutting peppers wipes little girls eyes putting pepper juice in them fail story
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When you’re ugly and sad but trying your best to stay positive cat smiling
When a piece of armor doesn’t match your current set but it’s stats are too good to pass up Hello Kitty shield pink
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Please do not write on this page. Why not?
DJ Khaled snapchats credit card by accident loses 80k dollars in 30 secs
Reasons to use a semicolon: shouldn’t be in sentence, winky face, programming
Woman taken to hospital, policeman stayed to prepare dinner for kids and also did the dishes Eindhoven, Netherlands
Stay with the one who treats you as the prince you are. Girl carrying a guy through water