Beard lumbersexual someday soon will be remembered like this
What’s the difference between hippo and zippo? One is really heavy the other is a little lighter
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Don’t think of yourself as an ugly person, think of yourself as a beautiful monkey
No I’m not joking I am a catholic I can’t sell you condoms please try register 8 she is muslim so take your ham to register 9 clerk
Beware of the dog but beware of the cat too he’s kinda wird
Autism is not a tragedy running out of bacon is also ignorance but mostly the bacon thing
Dead racoon on the bus stop in Toronto, Canada story trolling
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Shh don’t wake them juggernauts laying on the side of the road
I gave you $10 dollars he gave you $20 dollars you didn’t realise he has 200 dollars while all I had was $10 dollars
Microsoft uses dog noses for thumbsticks on the gamecube controller Sony Playstation