I told you it was hunting season but no we had to visit your sisters near the lake
Saw a pigeon having a job interview earlier I hope he got it
Branch manager Assistant branch manager dogs
I got a pet wussy you that read wrong you read that wrong too
Lion King does it move? should it move? WD-40 dead Mufasa Simba
Sloth studies for 2 minutes knowledge is power sunset
What I think I look like while I’m asleep what I really look like dogs
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Birds: types of pigeons: Christmas pigeon, land pigeon, violence pigeon, emo pigeon, knowledge pigeon, carnival pigeon, street pigeon
This is college not a pressure cooker even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip but you call such a lion well trained not well educated
What is your ISIS name? Month day you were born: goat fckr