These jeans were tested on animals, they didn’t fit
Pet food scale billboard: apocalyptic crisis, economic crisis, regular day, trying to bang a hot vegan chic
Chillin’ the art of doing nothing without getting bored
Your program is telling me to get a pet snake to run it, I don’t want one. Read the message please, “Python required to run the script”
Hedgehog with lion’s head mixed combo photoshopped
Crane calling: I love your accent, where are you from? Ukraine. WTF, how’d you know?
When a male octopus finds a mate he rips his genitals off, throws it at the female so she can inseminate herself. Most epic way to tell someone go fck yourself
Chicken in 30 degrees compared to chicken in 5 degrees hen comparison
Scientists finally concluded that the chicken came first not the egg because the protein which makes the egg shells is only produced by a hen
When you and your main homie ditch the rest of the squad lions